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The JU 99 CE Junior 99 Chi Energizer™

CHIKART.COM specifically designed the J99 to target YOUR dreams:

Energize yourself! 

Relaxation and stress reduction,

Build confidence!,

Help develop personal skills,

Added energy for workouts,

Help weight control, 

Energize your drinking water,


Balance, Intellectual Skills,

Fitness, Sports,

Assured Success Faster and Easier,

Positive Permanent Solutions,

Mind Control,

Popularity and Charisma,

Body Building, Energize house plants,

Provide your pets with energy and vitality,

Assist Others With Needed Energy,

Energize your body even at a distance!

The JU 99 is an entry-level bare-bones Chi Generator® (orgone generator®) for individual use that fits every budget. The J99 contains all the essential parts of the larger Chi Generators. Combining a sturdy circuit pulser, orgonite core and silver components, this unit is an unstoppable tool to execute decisive changes towards prosperity, satisfying relationships, self confidence, peace of mind, and power .Its excellent qualities make it a powerful utensil for all persons whose budget does not allow them yet to acquire a larger, stronger, and more versatile Chi Generator®, and who are very serious about bringing "this magic into their lives" and who are ready to work on decisive changes towards prosperity, satisfying relationships, confidence, peace of mind and happiness.

The JU 99-10, TF 99 CE, SPP 99 CE and GPP 99 CE have been designed for the same purpose. They have different frequency settings. For the entry level, the JU 99 CE is excellent for basic energy and relaxation work and to get acquainted with life force technologies. The JU 99 is convenient and easy to use for any person, and it can be the most important utensil in every household. You can increase its output and enhance the energy transfer with a Transfer Couple TC 99. Keep the JU 99 turned on in your home with Part 1 of the TC 99 in front of the output pipe, while you have the Part 2 of the TC 99 Transfer Couple in your pocket. This way, you can receive the energy without loss, whether you are just a few blocks away from your home or half around the globe! Naturally, you can get a much stronger power boost of your JU 99 CE with the PBT 2400, about three times its power output!

In addition to this, any radionics device or other equipment for manifestation and action at a distance that you put into the life force field of a JU 99 CE or any other Chi Generator® will be more effective. It becomes then a Power device that is boosted with life force. You can achieve the same effect when combining the JU 99 CE with any one of our manifestation programs. The JU99 is orgone/chi energy/ prana energy projector is that It combines modern life energy sciences with the ancient principles of qi gong, tai chi and yoga. Now you can have instant energy, maximum out power and uplifted mood 24 hours a day 7days a week!! You can use it for any amount of time, day and night, 7 - 24, when using the AC - DC - adapter. The J99 is a chi generator. Chi (prana, pneuma, qi, ki) is the force that powers all life. With extra chi at your command, your stamina will skyrocket, your power will stabilize, ESP potential increases, creativity mature, charisma explodes, and your ability to manifest desires naturally becomes easier. Remember that all manifestation, spells, and magic is dependent on the amount of chi you wield. Silver tubing for output: Silver is a favorite of all professionals, when it comes to energizing the body. All our Chi Generators® have silver tubing. Whatever your intentions among its many potential uses, a few that are most important for you or all of them, the JU 99 is designed to fit every budget, while providing this extra energy to make a decisive difference!

For fitness purposes, all you have to do is stand in front of the J99 and the chi field it generates will supplement your energy. The chi is pulsed at 7.83Hz which facilitates creativity, ESP development and accelerated learning. Alternatively, you can stick something that is a part of you near the generator. A lock of hair or fingernail clipping will do. Now, wherever you go in the world, the energy will follow you through the "structural link" represented by the lock of hair

The chi generator also works magnificently for self-hypnosis and manifestation. If you have a desire that you'd like to rapidly manifest, simply visualize your desire while near the generator. You'll quickly find that the excess chi emanated from the device will re-weave reality to make concrete your fantasy. It's better than any spell cast by a master shaman.

The JU 99 would work for that for sure. The main difference in the more expensive machines is in the ability to run many trends at one time as opposed to just running one trend and then running another after it. Also with more chi output, you're able to run the machines for a shorter amount of time. JU 99 is a good device to get started on if your budget is limited. Also as soon as you are able, ordering the basic manifestation program would be beneficial.


The JU99 uses the powerful material called Orgonite, as its Power Source. This produces the life-force. The Silver Tube on the JU99 directs the flow of the life-force. The Transfer Disk which is placed over the Silver Tube transfers the life-force to the Transfer Disk you carry in your pocket or purse. This transfers life-force to your Aura 24/7.Distance does not make a difference. You can be a thousand miles away from the JU99 and get the life-force as long as you have your transfer disk on you. This statement has been proven by the 21st century Laws of Quantum Physics.

The Money Symbol (treatment telling the Universe you want more money) is placed in front of the Silver Tube. That is all that there is to it. The money life force will flow towards you. Quantum Physics tells us that all energy exists in an infinite ocean, of intelligent thinking energy called the Quantum Ocean. There is no time in the Quantum Ocean. No past, present nor future. You can attract energy out of the Quantum Ocean using the Law of Resonant Frequencies., which uses symbols as one of its working principles. Placing the Money symbol (treatment) in front of the JU 99 silver tube attracts a stream of money modulated life-force within the Quantum Ocean. The Quantum Ocean then pours out pulsating waves (Quantum Physics Laws) towards the Target. These money energies are waves of money possibilities and money opportunities, not gold bars. By having your aura filled with money possibilities and money opportunities the money in the physical world will be attracted to you.

Law of Attraction Also proved by the Laws of Quantum Physics. The money will come to you through phone calls, mail, people, events, tickets, ideas, etc, etc, etc. It is still up to you to cash the money possibilities and the money opportunities into CASH! Listen to your intuition and your hunches, answer your mail, pick up the phone and talk to strangers.

The JU99 creates life-force with its orgonite center. The life-force is transmitted through the silver tube. The transfer disk on the silver tube sends a continuous stream of life-force to the transfer disk in your pocket or purse 24/7, at any distance. By placing the Money symbol in front of the silver tube a stream of modulated life-force from the Quantum Ocean causes pulsating waves of energy to enter your aura. These are waves of money possibilities and money opportunities. You can then turn these money opportunities and money possibilities into CASH BY FOLLOWING YOUR INTUITION AND ANSWERING YOUR MAIL, PHONE CALLS AND TALKING TO STRANGERS!

This is the medium through which you will become rich. Could you think of a more exciting way to start your day? Looking for the money possibilities and the money probabilities being sent your way.





The Design of JU99 CE

The output is silver tubing. Silver is an ideal material to enhance life energy. You can point the output pipe towards yourself, and the JU device can be up to several feet away. Naturally, you cannot work this way when performing sports or fitness training or when in an important meeting. For these situations, you can use a set of transfer cards, a transfer couple of a power booster - see the images above. You can slide the booster part of a PBT 2400 (Power booster with Transfer Disk) over it, which more than triples the output power of your JU 99 CE. In this case, carry the transfer disk on yourself to energize yourself with chi energy.

As an alternative, use the transfer couple TC 99. Looking from the rear at the left, you see the power jack, which requires an AC-DC adapter with an output of 9V or 12V. The plug is a 3.5 mm phone plug. On the right side you see the LED (light emitting diode), which pulsates in the pre-set precision frequency of the device. Besides the purposes mentioned above, you can use any one of the devices of the JU-series for setups and operations involving general manifestation, which you can do ideally with any one of the manifestation programs: the specialized weight management program, the basic manifestation program or the very flexible super manifestation program.

The JU99 integrates modern techniques to generate the chi force; it is also simple to operate! Inside the black case is the orgone generator, composed of Orgonite, a proprietary technology that accumulates orgone energy and emits it within a twenty foot radius through scalar wave disturbance. . The heart of this orgone generating matrix is made from powdered metals, organic resin, high quality powdered minerals and crystals. An electronic pulsar modulates the flow of the chi energy.

TWO POWERFUL MODES OF OPERATION FOR RAPID RESULTS: The device can be used in two modes. Passive mode and Active mode. Both ways, the unit projects massive volumes of life force energy. In passive mode, the unit is unplugged and generating chi force by amplifying surrounding chi. Deployed in the active mode the JU99 ramps up life force energy projection many times (you will feel relaxed in the vicinity of its chi projection!!) Active mode is accomplished by plugging the unit to a 9V.Use it as a personal body energizer. Lie down in its energy field and charge up your etheric energy fields in a matter of minutes. Pump up your chakras by pointing the output pipe at the chakra that you wish to empower. Expand your ESP by energizing your third eye. Clear your meridians and the microcosmic orbit. Leave it in any room and clear that room of stagnate energies.

7.83 Hz Frequency Setting: The "Schumann Resonance", or Earth Frequency, is a favorite setting for universal purpose: According to brain wave experts, this frequency has additional multiple advantages: overcoming jet lag, counteracting mind control, easier learning, precision, and many more. Great frequency for money and finances

Below: The JU 99 CE = Junior 99 Chi Energizer™ with the PBT 2400 Power Booster with Transfer Disk that effectively triples its output.


Other Chi Generators® of the "Junior"-Series

The TF 99 CE = Top Fitness 99 Chi Energizer

The TF 99 CE = Top Fitness 99 Chi Energizer

Budget Specialty Chi Generator®, which is an ideal device for all operations to enhance fitness training and weight control.

20 Hz frequency setting

The SPP 99 CE = Sports Performance Power 99 Chi Energizer™

Budget Specialty Chi Generator® to boost sports performance: stamina and endurance for power training and competitions, "Magical" influence on the opponent by means of body language.

25 Hz frequency setting.

The GPP 99 CE = Golf Precision Power 99 Chi Energizer™

Budget Specialty Chi Generator® that triggers the Alpha state whenever needed for precision such as golf, target practice, etc.

5.9 Hz frequency setting.

The JU 99 10 = Junior 99 Chi Energizer™, 10 Hz Frequency Setting

Budget Specialty Chi Generator® with the general purpose setting of 10 Hz. For instance, this is an excellent frequency in connection with the Feng Shui Bagua (see above), and with this arrangement you can project a specific Feng Shui energy ("corner") into any location, which allows you to override existing feng shui energies .

10 Hz Frequency Setting

About copy cats and parasites

Yes, the JU 99 costs 10 or 20 dollars more per unit than the cheapest copycat devices on the market today, since stolen property, including intellectual property, is usually a little bit cheaper (in fact, not quite!).In fact, these dollars are well-spent! This slightly higher price was necessary, because the JU 99 Chi generator® comes with our highly effective formula of orgonite® and with silver tubing as energy output. We certainly do not believe in delivering inferior technology to people who least can afford it.

Even at budget prices, we can produce high quality products. In addition to that, we can back it by a 2-year warranty in material and workmanship! In addition to this, you have access to our customer service for as long as you own your equipment! Therefore, the JU 99 CE orgone generator® is multiple strength of anything in this price category that comes from cheap thieves of our technology who did not quite understand the actual function of orgonite® etc. and who naturally are producing inferior products.

Suggested Accessories to the Chi Generators® of the JU 99 Series


The TC 99 Transfer Couple: For smooth transfer of life energy. Both parts are made of super orgonite®. You can slide one part of your TC 99 over the output pipe of your JU 99 series Chi generator® and carry the other one with you for secure energy transfer at any distance. You can put the transfer, which you carry with you, onto a key ring.


The RAOPTC power transfer couple.  With this accessory, you can boost the power of the JU-99.  You can slide one part of your RAOPTC over the output pipe of your JU 99 series Chi generator® and use the larger disk to charge water, food, drinks and supplements anywhere, or simply carry it on yourself to give a continuous boost to your energy levels.  Both parts are made of super orgonite®.  


PBT 2400 power booster with transfer couple - see above.  With this accessory, you can get three times the power of the JU device.  You can slide one part of your PBT 2400 over the output pipe of your JU 99 series Chi generator® and carry the small disk on you.  Ideally, attach it to your key chain.  This will provide you with a continuous boost to your energy levels.  Both parts are made of super orgonite®.  


Become acquainted with your device

After unpacking the device and accessories and checking everything, take your time to get acquainted with it. Above all, read the manual and especially the success strategies. The more you feel at ease with your device, the more effective your work with it will be. Most devices come with a transfer couple or with a couple of transfer cards. You can use these transfer couples to stay connected with your device and draw its energy when you are not close to it, and this transfer works full power even when you are thousands of miles away. Put one unit of the transfer couple next to your device while you carry the other one on you. You can attach it to your key chain. The Power Booster with transfer disk PBT 2400 operates in the same manner, and it increases the output of the device significantly more than the standard transfer couple of the TC series.

1. Feel the Chi Energy Output

Turn the generator on, then hold the center of your palm (either hand) approximately 2 inches (5 cm) in front of the silver tubing of the Chi Generator® or above it. Most likely, you will feel gentle warmth, a tingling, or a cool breeze. What you are feeling at first depends very much on the system of nerve endings that react first. Persons who are skilled with their hands usually feel the cool breeze rather than warmth. Do the same practice of feeling the output with your transfer disk or transfer card. Do the same thing with your wrist.

Rule: The Chi Generator® ideally should not be on the ground or on a concrete floor for any extended time. If this is the case, there is a possibility that the life energy literally can be “grounded” and less goes into the surroundings. Use a table, a chair, or some other non-metallic stand. If transferring energy to yourself or any person, location is not as relevant.

Very important: Do not get alarmed if, after getting used to your equipment, you do not feel the output as strongly as you did in the beginning. Once you have energized your body to capacity, it will not draw as much life energy any more as it did in the beginning. Consequently, your nerve endings will no longer react as strongly. Feeling less indicates a diminished flow of chi energy from the Chi Generator® into your body, because you are fully charged, and it does not indicate diminished performance of your Chi Generator®!

2. Energize yourself with the help of a Structural Link

Now you can begin to direct the energy towards yourself. Turn on the Chi Generator® with one of the transfer disks, transfer cards or power booster next to it or on top of it. Since life energy transfers at any distance (with the right structural link!), all you need to do is carry the second transfer unit, the second transfer card or the transfer disk of the PBT 2400 with you. You can also design a transfer diagram on a piece of paper: For smooth transfer of energies, uniqueness of the transfer diagram is important. With unique transfer diagrams, leakage of energy is less likely. Use a copying machine for exactness! Design anything, even a scribble, and then make photocopies of the individual designs or scan them: make two printouts, or, in some instances, three. Discard the original diagram after you finished copying. You end up with two designs that will have nothing like it anywhere. Put one diagram in front of your Chi Generator® or anywhere close to it. Take the other one somewhere else, put it on a surface, and check for transfer! Do not put it on your knee, because your body will draw the energy and the palm of your hand may then not be capable of feeling it. The same is the case with transfer cards or transfer disks.Carry the transfer disk or transfer diagram on you for about half an hour. Note the feeling of being energized.

3. Energize Distilled Water

Distilled water is “dead” as far as life energy is concerned. That’s the reason for its bland taste. For the following experiment you need two bottles of distilled water. One bottle you put somewhere, at least 10 ft away from the Chi Generator®. Point your Chi Generator® at the other bottle for about 5 minutes. Compare the taste of the water in the two bottles. You’ll be amazed! The same way you can energize food, herbs, supplements and drinks. Naturally you can use the transfer cards to charge any water fountain by putting the card next to the supply bottle. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge a 5 gallon bottle.

4. Relax Yourself

Turn on your Chi Generator®. Lie down and put the transfer disk (or diagram) onto your chest or simply put it anywhere on your body or next to yourself. Stay in this relaxed state for about half an hour. If you have mastered Autogenic Training (free course available from BEC), you will notice a significant deepening of the state of relaxation when you practice in conjunction with your Chi Generator®.

5. Self-Programming

The relaxation practice was your first step towards programming yourself. Now you can continue to use other programs. Use filters and/or settings of the manifestation programs for: Creativity, Charisma, Convincing Speech, Leadership, People-Skills, Power to Analyze, Scientific Thinking, etc. Using the weight management manifestation program, you can work on fitness and weight loss. Use transfer setup with cards, transfer couple or power booster and carry the second transfer on yourself. Limit the time to two or three hours at the beginning. Again, you can enhance significantly the effect of your self-programming with the practice of Autogenic Training.

6. Energy transfer with the device

Perform the following experiment:

(1) Take a photo (Polaroid is OK.) of the interior of a room.

(2) Choose a place somewhere in the room (maybe on top of the table).

(3)Make a mark on the photo at that place where you want to project the energy.

(4) Put the photo onto the Chi Generator® or next to it, knowing that this is a structural link to the location. Note the power of abstraction that plays an important role in this technique. In principle, you have just created a structural connection.

(6) Turn on the power generator.

(7) Go to the place and check for the energy.

You can do the same experiment with a location that is thousands of miles away! The obvious advantage of the life energy generator is that you can reach with it anywhere.

7. Intermediate Self-Programming

Set the Chi Generator® device up with the setting of the trend that you intend to project upon yourself, with the manifestation program or by simply writing down your intent and putting the paper next to the Chi Generator®. Carry the transfer disk on you. Then you relax yourself with the help of Autogenic Training and use a formularized resolution, reflecting the desired trend, such as creativity. The setting of the pulse is at a very low level. Practice for 5 to 10 minutes. If you are not familiar with Autogenic Training, simply relax fully, with the trend energy directed at yourself.

8. Project Chi energy to another person, hand or forehead

For this experiment, you need the help of another person. If you do not find a suitable partner, do the same projections upon yourself. Get a picture of that person (or yourself) and make a color scan of it and print it out twice. A black-white scan will do, if it is too much trouble to get a color copy. Take one of the copies and mark the forehead of the person. Put the picture with your generator of life energy, knowing that it links to that person. The person can feel the energy at the forehead. As an alternative, you can do the same thing with a picture of yourself.

Next, take another picture of the same person. Do not mark anything, and focus on the center of the palm (or any other part of that person’s body), and simply focus briefly on the part which you are targeting. Check how the person feels the impact of Chi energy. Again, do the same projection toward yourself.

Next, simply write the name of that person on a piece of paper and the area of the body to which you intend to project Chi energy. Proceed the same way. These operations are examples of solidifying abstractions of your mind, which you are using as structural connections.

9. Relax another person

The next practice is similar to practice #4 and in this case you relax the other person at a distance. Put a picture of that person next to the Chi generator® or on top of it, think about relaxing the person and write “relaxation” on a separate piece of paper, which you put next to the photo. Turn on your Chi generator®. Ask that person for feedback. Under no circumstances should you carry a transfer disk, since this will direct most of the energy towards yourself.

10. Intuition, Intelligence, Creativity, Learning Skills, sports performance, etc.

(1) Write down what you intend to achieve.

(2) Set the pulse speed (frequency) of the Chi generator® to approximately 10 Hz.

(3) Get into a lying position.

(4) Put the transfer disk or transfer diagram in your pocket or lay it on your chest.

(5) Enter the state of Autogenic Training.

(6) Visualize or imagine yourself with the envisioned skills.

(7) After 10 to 15 minutes get up and put the transfer disk into your pocket and go about your business, ideally being involved in activities that require the skills of your programming.

(8) Keep the energy active and transferring to you for at least three hours.

Naturally, using the manifestation programs makes these tasks a lot easier!


All items from CHIKART.COM are solely for research purposes. Many scientists state that the concepts of universal life energy, chi energy, prana, etc., do not belong to what they assume science should be. Therefore, it is your personal decision whether or not you accept the existence of life energy, or chi energy, and in the effectiveness of any practices that use life energy. This instruction manual contains descriptions of suggested purposes and uses of these devices that are based on the personal opinions of practitioners of life energy technologies, lay persons as well as professionals, which the manufacturer does not necessarily endorse.

Therefore, the manufacturer assumes no responsibility for any damages that may occur as a consequence of such beliefs.

The devices from CHIKART.COM have no therapeutic value at all and should never be used for such purposes. If you are sick and you think that you need healing energies, consult with a physician!

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